Cancelled SHOWS 

2021 May Solo Show  San Francisco Zen Center, San Francisco, CA

Open Studios – SAC, Sebastopol CA Cancelled due to Covid


Jeannene Langford was born and raised in the Midwest. As a youth she spent her summers exploring the lakes and wilderness areas of Michigan. As a young adult she turned to design and apprenticed with Art Director Woody Shantz, who catalyzed her ongoing passion for the creative process. Jeannene studied art at the local community college and then at UC Colorado. She went on to work as an Illustrator and Creative Director in the corporate world.

As a fine artist she studied paper making for 8 years and then found her deep love for printmaking. Her work closely intertwines with her pursuit of understanding the creative process, study of the self and long love of nature.


My art is a hybrid of a personal outpouring of practice, both art and meditation, sometimes without knowing where one ends and the other begins.

The intention of what I do is very much embedded in process, and is revealed in all the ways I connect to my material. I think of what I do as a kind of intimate conversation with myself and the viewer. It’s an engagement in the always unpredictable present moment.

As a a long time Buddhist practitioner, and an artist, my spiritual  and art practice both ask one thing: to be aware and deepen my sense of understanding the moment in front of me.

Creative energy is transformative. Rooted in Abstraction, my subject matter may or may not be obvious. It emerges from the rhythm of endless layering of marks and the play between intentionality and the activity of the subconscious. This struggle oftentimes reveals an imagery that reflects my relationship to the outside world and my life.

Art, is infused with seeing. Creative discovery through art has always been my way of understanding life, who I am, what I love, and what I am most curious about.


50/50 Group Show –  Sanchez Art Center Pacifica CA, August 30-September 22

Diptych Group Show, East Coast – West Coast, 2008

Pacific Prints Group Show, Palo Alto CA 2002

Sebastopol’s Center for the Arts Group Show, New Suite, 2002

Cultural Arts Council, Santa Rosa CA, 1997

The Frame Approach, Group Show, Colorado Springs, CO, 1992, 1994



2012  New Work, SC Wellness Center, San Anselmo, CA

2010  ESSENCE, SC Wellness Center, San Anselmo, CA

2002 Compassion, Studio Sebastopol, CA



Inquiring Mind, Cover Art (Etching), Spring 2002

Gaborgs, Fine Art Printed cards and calendars 1994



Drawbridge Arts program, 2000-2002,  Art facilitator

Home Schooling Art Program 1995, Art Teacher

Art Enrichment Program, Petaluma School District 1994, Art Teacher



2013, 2014, 2018 Critique Practice, Lisa kokin

2008, 2015 Abiquiú NM, Paula Roland’s Encaustic Monotype Intensive and Advanced Workshops

2003 to 2007 Life drawing study group Northern CA

1996 to 2010 Kala Art Institute, Berkeley

1993 to 1999 Sonoma State University Studies: Art, Psychology

1995 Natalie Rogers Expressive Arts Institute Summer Intensive

1992 to 1993 University Colorado, Colorado Springs Colorado Studies Art, Art therapy

1991 to 1992 Adams State College, Taos, New Mexico