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Everyday Buddhas

There’s a saying in Buddhist communities that goes like this, “Sometimes you need to take a break when you are trying to meditate and meditate when you are on break “.  It refers to the idea that most of us have busy minds so we tend to  think, plan, fantasize, etc… that stops us when we try to meditate after the mind calms down meditate while on break. Letting go of efforting softens and relaxes the mind. This series came about when I was on break from my art practice and working as a designer for the San Francisco Zen Center. I worked with teachers who wore everyday clothes but I knew them as Buddhists teachers with robes. Everyday Buddhas popped in my head and I started creating small collages and paintings every moring.

This series represents those who are mindful and express kindness beyond what is necessary in everyday life.  We don’t need robes to be Everyday Buddhas just a desire to be compassionate, clear, and respectful of life. 40 from the series are shown here.

Everyday Buddha Series: Collage, 4.5″ x 6.5 on 250lb Fabriano, ink, stitch, found papers and such


everyday knowing

everyday truth

everyday opening

everyday ritual

everyday grace

everyday zen

everyday beauty

everyday hoppy

everyday reflection

everyday u

everyday practice

everyday steadfast

everyday boundless

everyday brilliance

everyday strength

everyday be a light

everyday fearless

everyday smile

everyday offering

everyday devotion

everyday moment

everyday family

everyday meditation 2

everyday right speech

everyday transparency

everyday go within

everyday om

everyday witness

everyday inquiry

everyday prayer

everyday meditation 1

everyday transformation

everyday silence

everyday passing thoughts

everyday groundedness

everyday simplicity

everyday lightness 

everyday let it be

everyday be love

everyday balance